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a painting of myself working


a comic page a comic page a comic page

The Shape of All Time is an autobiographical comic about my number-form synesthesia. What is that? Read and find out!

Read TSOAT here.

two softball girls a page of pivot

Pivot is a slice-of-life softball comic starring a rag-tag boarding school team and their new second baseman, Luca. The spring season is full of getting crushed by other teams and...getting crushes!

Read Pivot here!
After leaving high-school and our "required team sports" system, I never realized how much I missed softball until the first spring of college came around. I was on a scrappy JV team much like McKitterick's. I needed to tell a story reflecting their goofy spirit and the timid preciousness of young love.
Pivot was Kickstarted in March 2018 and is in print.

a comic page a comic page

You can find my comic "Goody Takes Knowledge Into Their Own Hands" in the Comrade Himbo anthology published by POMEpress. "Comrade Himbo is a comics and illustration anthology full of pure-intentioned himbos of all genders, who are thicc of thigh and even thiccer of heart. This book is a lovingly crafted, all-art manifesto on the strength of community, full of tales and snapshots of what happens when head-empty-heart-strong anticapitalists come together to support The People. Join the Himbo Revolution today!"

Get Comrade Himbo here.

page of smile wide page of space county REM RAM Page 7

I have short comics, "Smile Wide" and "Space County Almanac" and "REM RAM" in Volumes 6, 7, and 8 of Lilies Anthology. Corpse Lily , Lily Bulb,and Nodding Blue Lily. You can download them on Gumroad (linked) or buy from Lulu. "Space County Almanac" and "REM RAM" feature the same characters - the space wives! Corpse Lily is my favorite out of all the Lilies Anthologies, which are all really sweet. I'm so happy I can be a part of it.

person scared of cat page of sour cream

Scaredy Cat is a horror comedy zine about our weird and unique fears. It has true anecdotes, comics, and illustrations from the minds of scaredy cats. Have some stories about what scares you? I'd love to talk and possibly do an issue.
Read it free/pwyw here!
This project actually started in my first publishing class. We were to propose an online periodical as our final. On the first day, hearing what the project was, I typed "zine about weird fears and dreams" in my phone - and Scaredy Cat was born.

afraid of spiders

I Would Be Just Me, a comedy collection of childhood journals. Read here.

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